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Per Elisa pulls huge audiences and praise for its sensitive and authentic approach

A peak of nearly 4 million viewers tuned in to watch Per Elisa on RaiUno between 24th October and 7th November with a peak audience share of 22%. While Vanity Fair praised the series’ brave approach to a true crime storytelling in a landscape where our screens are constantly bombarded by a pornographic and exploitative treatment of violence and suffering.  Read more here:

Vanity Fair

this very positive Vanity Fair article 

Rai’s figures were well above the primetime slot average. A further 4 million, mostly younger viewers, came to the series on Rai’s catch-up service, RaiPlay, within the first month after transmission making it the most successful new title on the platform. The series had huge press coverage across print, radio and tv, and caused many reverberations in Italy. The lead actors joined protests against the reopening of the church where Elisa’s body lay hidden for 30 years. The series has sparked open debates in the press about the complicity of the Church, with politicians of every persuasion also chiming in. And the series theme tune, Fiore Bianco has become a hit on Spotify and been sung by students in classrooms across the country evoking the name of Elisa and in protest at a worrying rising trend of femicide in Italy.