A group of partying tourists arrive for a week of hedonism and adrenalin.
(It’s been a long time with no parties or holidays…)

Into a disenfranchised community where secrets, dark enough to kill for,
lie buried under the pristine snow.

Over 8 days…a trip that goes horribly wrong.

Visitors and Locals. The Rural and the Urbane. Insiders and Outsiders.
The Elite and the Left-behind.

A clash of two worlds

The ski instructor and part-time gigolo in an emotional cul-de-sac, staring down the barrel of forty, looking for an easy way out of his nowhere village

The successful city trader, mother of one, with a declining interest in her husband, and skiing

Two best friends trying to recapture a past that was never quite as exciting as they’d like to think

The nurse at the fracture clinic running a racket with her helicopter pilot boyfriend, rescuing and putting injured skiers back together

The young lawyer acting the part of the stereotypical chalet girl while working under cover for a class action against the resort

An engineer hired to plot the course of a contentious new lift across private land